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Evan is a married man, who plays disc golf in KY. He played his first round of DG in 2007 while in high school. But, he couldn’t throw well. He called himself a “joke” at that point. But, he had always been good at sports, especially baseball, and would soon be playing it in college. So, what about his failure in DG? Finally, a friend gave him a white surge and told him to insert his thumb into the groove and throw like a baseball, and he was off and running. Trouble was his time was taken up with baseball until 1014 when he began to take DG seriously and he began to play competitively. He has 12 wins from the end of 2014 to now. In 2015, he began playing very competitively and is now the highest rated player in KY, with a rating of 992.
He is sponsored by Prodigy this year. He is very appreciative of Dave Greenwell who is his coach and mentor.