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Josh Barnhill was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio, which was the home of the Wright brothers and their bicycle shop in 1903. That is an important point as you will soon see. Josh worked in a Disc Golf store. Pretty boring, huh? But Josh didn’t just work in a disc golf store. He thought about how to do things better. Remember, he was raised in the legacy of Wilbur and Orville. He got an idea. How about a company that makes hats with a distinctive word on it relating to disc golf but useable not just by disc golf people but by virtually all people for many, many different reasons. He came up with BOOOM with three “o”s instead of two. In addition the o’s would also be linked together to make a chain of three links. And the resulting chain would end up being three rectangular, instead of round, links. Now, if one played disc golf, he would recognize immediately that this was a chain, which would remind him of a basket, used prominently in disc golf otherwise it just looked like a strange way to spell “boom”. But why “booom”. Who would have any idea what it meant? Ah, that’s the special thing about “boom”. It can mean anything, you needed it to mean. It can mean disaster, or merely a setback. It can mean wonderment. Or, it can mean happiness, or excitement. There is no limit to what the word, thus the emotion, can denote.

Josh found some friends that believed this was a good idea, and they gave of their time, and in July of 2015, they began their business. “BOOOM” was born. And, it is finding purpose in life. It is prospering, virtually everywhere. The idea, and thus the merchandise, has been received, fantastically. A new business has been birthed and started its growth toward maturity.

And, this leads us to “red, white, and booom”! July 4th is the time when we celebrate the birth of our country – “the bombs bursting in air”. “Our flag is still here.” What better season for us to celebrate “booom”: “Booom” our land is free! “Booom” things may happen but we will not be defeated. “Booom” play the bass drum and shoot off the cannon, its time to celebrate. Bang the chains on the disc golf baskets, recognize the victory that comes from refusing to be silent, “Booom”. Come, come to Dayton and we will celebrate together.
I like Josh. He is bright and cheery. He is committed to helping disc golf and to helping people. He has a plan, a purpose, and, I believe, a destiny.
Josh likes to say, ”every hat has a little piece of me in it”. What do you think that means?
I’ll tell you what I think. Josh believes in what he is producing. It is his heart and soul. He is not just producing to make money. He wants to help people have paths to express themselves so that they will relieve tension and lighten their lives.
Remembering the Wright brothers, those young men who made bicycles and then decided they wanted to soar. Josh wants all mankind to have a way to soar. “Booom!” Just blurting it out brings life. Sharing it brings joy. Living with it around you opens you up to possibilities. Booom!