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Thursday, June 30, 2016, Cincinnati, OH, Mt. Airy Forest Disc Golf Course
The BOOOM Team, organized by Josh Barnhill and consisting of Philo Brathwaite, Patrick Brown, Jordan Castro, Gary Costa, David Cox, Eric Oakley, Izak McDonald, and Dutch Napier, met together tonight at Mount Airy Forest Disc Golf Park, along with a gallery of 110 people from Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky, for their First Annual Red, White, and Booom Skins Match. What a gathering! And, what a special place to meet!
The group split up into 4 teams and then played a doubles match of 18 holes on the beautiful Mt. Airy Course. Philo and David, Izak and Dutch, Patrick and Gary, Eric and Jordan were the four teams. There was only 1 skin taken, on hole 4 by the team of Philo and David. David made a 100 foot putt and the team took home $100.00, and what is more important, the bragging rights! Every other hole was a “push”. The gallery seemed to thoroughly enjoy the light hearted competiton and the fanastic shots “performed” by the group. Eric was his usual, very comical, energetic self. Everyone went home happy.
Since this was the first time, many of the guys had played the course, there were a lot of “wows”, and “fantastic’s” spread around. Izak, for example, said, ”It was awesome. This was a beautiful course”.
Dutch said, “This is my first time at Mt. Airy. What a surprise to find this jewel. I can’t wait to score competitively on this course”. Jordan said, “This is my favorite touring course”. If you have never played it, you need to get out there and play it NOW. While you’re there be sure and visit the NATI PRO SHOP, TOO.