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Tonight, in Dayton, OH, something very powerful was heard by a couple hundred people about to play in the Red, White, and Boom Disc Golf Tournament at Belmonte Disc Golf Course on Saturday and Sunday. Josh Barnhill, organizer of the event, had the Hucker Team organize two Q & A panels using the pros who would be playing in the Tourney. In the first panel, Chris Finn, founder of DUDE Clothing and a pro out of western Australia, Izak McDonald, a fifteen year old amateur who is preparing to turn pro, Jordan Castro, a first year travelling pro, Eric Oakley, Discmania’s road warrior, and Zach Johnson from Latitude 64. They answered questions from the audience for 30 minutes. Unlike many former Q & A sessions, however, the questions were all serious ones. These were things, the folks wanted to know. Things many young pros need to know. The second panel consisted of pros: Philo Braitwaite, Kyle Webster, Josh Barnhill, Patrick Brown, and Dutch Napier. This went on for 45 minutes and produced THE WORD that will soon be heard throughout the Disc World. What is it? You will soon find out.
One of the questions “what advice would you give to a person about to move up from one level to another, i.e. from amateur to pro level?” There were answers like: “As an amateur you learn what not to do, whereas as a pro you learn what to do.” Another answer was “the world is an oyster, its up to us to learn what to do with it. We have the power to move up and to move on. We can accomplish anything we are willing to work for.” Later on, someone asked “I have a son that is gifted in all sports. He has won state titles is several of them but now he is settled down to disc golf. But, will disc golf last long enough to support his life time pursuit? Or, will it fade away?” Every one of the pros said the same thing. “We will not let it pass away. It came to us, now its our turn to pass it on and to grow it in the process”. But, how can we grow it? “We hold more of these Q & A panels, to pass the useful information on!” Yes!! We grow the sport by teaching one another how to make it better and by teaching the new entrants into our world. This is the Word that will change the Disc Golf World: “We will help one another grow”. Education and development are the keys. Disc Golf needs to become a lifetime pursuit, not just a casual adventure. And, it’s beginning to happen. Look out world, here we come!