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RED WHITE AND BOOOM Round 2 recap:

Sundays second and final round at “Belmont Park” began with early rains which were to remain on and off throughout the day. Low 61F. winds ESE at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain was predicted to be 80% for our feature card, the participants of which teed off at 3:15 starting Ben Clark, Brendan Beeney, Zackeriath Johnson, Nikko Lacastro and Philo Brathwaite on the men’s lead card. With such predictions, the conditions for disc golf promised to be very interesting for the final round.


The course is located in Belmont Ohio. It’s a beautiful, very scenic course on rolling hills, some fairly steep, with numerous large trees. Shifting winds are a factor. Long tees on 4 holes bring length to 6167′.

The baskets are older rusty single chained targets and with rain one can expect many chain outs.


There was about a 150 person gallery that gathered for the lead card presented today.

The hot round from the Advanced men’s card was Ben Foster and also winner shooting a 52 (-14).

The hottest round from the men’s pro card was Jordan Castro shooting a 48 (-18).

The final round for pro men’s ended in sudden death playoff between Nikko Locastro and Philo Brathwaite which was decided in four holes on Hole 18 as Nikko Locastro sinks a birdie putt to clench the win!


The pro men’s lead card teed off at 3:00 with leader Ben Clark, Brendan Beeney, Zackeriath Johnson, Nikko Lacastro and Philo Brathwaite.

Ben Clark is a 957 rated player from Fairfield Ohio. He said in the first round “everything went perfect.” He is also a junior at University of Cincinnati and playing on disc golf team. Ben has great form and is very steady in his play. He was the local favorite of the gallery. What was impressive to see was his solid mechanics of the game and consistent level of play. Despite Ben’s six birdies, he also had problems with chains and hitting trees. He still was a consistent player.

Brendan Beeney is an unrated player hailed from Marion, Ohio. Brendan’s performance in the second round could only be seen as a huge struggle between he and the baskets. He had seven chain outs or missed putts. So you could say the Belmont baskets were not kind to Beeney today!

Zackeriath Johnson, or Zach as he is known, had a young boy on his bag as he played 19 holes. Zack really surprised me as he performed the most unconventional routes to the basket. I would have to say he was the most creative in shot selection. What was very impressive was seeing him throw unusual routes and making great plays out of it. Zack had two ace run attempts that was inches close to smashing chains on hole 5 and hole 14. However, Zack primarily struggled with putting today missing 10 putts.

Nikko Locastro, rated 1032 from Grass Valley California is a fierce competitor. He is a master of rollers and crushes drives. Nikko finds a way to win with an arsenal of shots and tricks. However, chain out putts plagued Nikko as well, perhaps due to weather and basket conditions. He missed 10 putts but still shot well enough to tie for the lead .

Philo Braithwaite who is currently ranked a 1020 hails from Tujunga, California. Philo is a very graceful thrower. His drives fly seemlessly and with finest finesse and grace. Purely beautiful sight to see. It’s as though the disc just floats forever. PHILO games started slow with three missed putts in a row starting on hole 2 then he re-centered himself and went on a birdie train to take him to co lead position.


The advanced players teed off early in the morning Around 8:30. Final round results reported from tournament central: Ben Foster 52, Joe Downs 55, Scott Silvas 58, Bart 58, Tre Fisher 59,

Ben Foster is the champion of men’s advanced division. Ben Foster hails from Ohio and was a former collegiate disc golf player a few years back for Ohio State.


TRENT NICHOLS AND JOHN HOLLINGSHEAD with Associates followed the men’s featured card of Ben Clark, Brendan Beeney, Zackeriath Johnson, Nikko Lacastro and PHILO BRAITHWAITE in the rain with their cameras, (Now that’s dedication!).

The second round results ended with Ben Clark 107, Joe Downs 108, Scott Silvas 109, Bart 112, Tre Fisher 112.

The second round results for mens pro with Nikko Locastro 98 total, PHILO BRATHWAITE 98
Izak Mcdonald 100, MATI BLAKELY 100, Jordan Castro 100.

This forced a playoff between two superstars of the game, Nikko Locastro and PHILO BRATHWAITE. History was being made as they battled for four holes. It was decided on Hole 18 when Nikko Locastro sunk a birdie putt to clench the win!