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The Hucker Team was in Dayton. OH this 4th of July weekend for Josh Barnhill’s Red White and Booom Disc Golf Tournament.  It was a blast!  The event consisted of 4 days of disc golf related tournament, Skin game, party, two Q & A sessions., a Pro Clinic, a flex start warm up Tourney, some great venders, some side games (Putting, Cornhole), and a wrap up trip to Hazy Shade Disc Golf Pro Shop for payoffs etc. on Sunday night.

The action began late Thursday afternoon at The Mount Airy Disc Golf Course in Cincinnati.  This is a very sweet course, and a very challenging one, too.  Eight Pros came together to play doubles, to test their skills and to entertain over 100 fans.  They consisted of Philo Brathwaite and David Cox, Patrick Brown and Gary Costa, Eric Oakley and Jordan Castro, and Dutch Napier and Izak McDonald (now 15 years old and an amateur but believe me, that is temporary.).  What a show they put on!  Only one skin was earned (for $100.00). It came when David made a 100 foot putt on hole 4.  Of course, the NATTI Disc Golf Pro Shop on the course was open for everyone to peruse through and purchase as well.

On Friday, a flex start warm up tourney was held at Belmont Park Disc Golf Course where the Booom Tournament would be held on Saturdy and Sunday.  It was won by Zackeriath (Zack) Johnson (50) over Philo Brathwaite (51).  On Friday night, a fantastic party was held at The Marriott Hotel at the University of Dayton with at least two hundred in attendance.  There was barbecue, pizza, and other eats.  There were vendors (Natti, California Krush, Booom, Soul Flight, and Dude to come later.  In addition, Hazy Shade ran a putting contest, and there was Cornhole as well.  Then there were two Q & A sessions where players and others, could ask a panel of five pros questions on whatever disc golf related questions they had.  In the first panel there were  Chris Finn of DUDE Clothing and Disc Golf champion of Western Australia, Izak McDonald the fantastic amateur, Jordan Castro a first year travelling pro,  Eric Oakley Discmania’s road warrior, and Zack Johnson.  In the second panel were Philo Brathwaite, Kyle Webster, Josh Barnhill, Patrick Brown, and Dutch Napier.  What happened here, is written in an article, “The Word That Soon Will Be Heard Around the World” which is published in www.huckerreport,com. Please read, it’s important. All in all, it was a fantastic night.

On Saturday and Sunday, the Booom Tournament was run at Belmont Course.  Each round is covered in   The champion of the amateur tournament is Ben Clark. The Champion of the Pro Tournament after a four round playoff is Nikko Locastro, over Philo Brathwaite.  It was a great tourney on both the amateur and the professional level.

To me, what made this such a fantastic Pro tournament is the quality of the Pro players who came and played.  First, there was Philo Brathwaite, who everyone knows these days as the “albatross” man.  I found Philo to be a fantastic man.  He has played Pro disc golf for ten years!  He is kind, polite, intelligent, a fantastic player, and a man that loves to teach disc golf to the young and the untrained.  Besides, I found that he loves small children.  Nikko Loscastro, is known as a very independent player.  I found him to be a fantastic competitor.  He is vicious with a disc in his hand, but very decent when there is no game to win.  I believe he wants to live his own life, as he thinks it should be lived.  I can’t argue with that.  I was proud to meet him.  Then there is Dutch, or Batman, Napier.  I fell in love with this man’s decency, his love of his wife Nikki, and his children Caitlyn, Zacary, Bryton, Tianna, and Dutch Jr. A week or two ago he posted on facebook about how thrilled he was to finish “44th out of 150 of the world’s best golfers”.  Imagine that!  I want to tell you that’s real class.  This man is a great disc golfer but more importantly, he is a great man.  I hope he counts me as one of his friends because I sure count him as one of mine.  Eric Oakley, is witty, crazy, and absolutely a great lover of life.  He performs a marvelous work for Discmania and is appreciated by most everyone he meets.  I really respect him.  Chris Finn is a pro from Australia who came to this country with a disc in one hand and DUDE Clothing in the other.  I haven’t gotten to know him well yet, but I like what I see!  Jordan Castro is young, vivacious, and eager to learn.  He is coming along, I think, quite well.  Patrick Brown is a deep thinker.  There is much more to him than you would ever expect.  He is an artist and a very gifted disc golf player.  He will always be his own man too.   Even though Izak McDonald is not yet a     professional, he deserves mention because of his stupendous talent and his superior work ethic.  And, besides that I really like him.  He is not a snotty brat, he is a mature young man that has a great future ahead of himself.  I commend his father, Jimmy for the wonderful job he is doing.  I count both of them as my friends. There is one more that I want to mention: Gregg Barsby, from California.  I interviewed him immediately after he played his first round of Booom.  It did not go super well for him.  But, he was gracious, truthful, and very willing to express his feelings.  I liked him from the start.  I was really impressed with his truthfulness.  He lives by his own code, but it’s a good code, an honest code. He has a love, as most of the pros do, for disc golf and for helping the sport to grow.  I found every one of the pros I met to be willing to help less capable players.  I am not saying that they do not have their own privacy issues and needs, but they are willing to give of themselves to help you. I believe all disc golf players, and lovers of the sport are very fortunate to have professionals such as we have.  I would advise you all, never let punks and idiots run these men and women professionals down, ever. 

I know I have not written about all the professionals at the tourney but, believe me, it’s not because I didn’t like them.  I liked every professional here!  I just did not have time to get to know all of you.

 Lastly, I would like to say a word about all the Dayton-Cincinnati people who had a part in this adventure.  You did a great job.   I personally appreciated what I saw Jeremy and Hazy Shade do to move things along.  His store certainly deserves support. Thank you, everyone.  Josh, I love you man, for what you have led here.  This was a super event. I know the pressure was very great, but you did very well handling it. has a full run down of everything that went on.  We invite you to look at it on  the internet, and to follow it on into the future.