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Gregg entered into his first disc golf tournament, “The Sierra Shoot Out”, as a junior III, in 1998 at age 10 or less.  He finished second out of two.  The fellow who finished first was a “veteran” who had been playing for 2 years already and who is still playing today, having won to date  25 tornaments and $12,000.00 in cash, and whose current rating is 968.  Gregg, on the other hand, has won 53 tournaments, $115,000.00, and is rated 1022, which ranks him 19th.  So he has come a long ways, and is not finished yet!

I met up with Gregg minutes after he finished his first round at the Red White and Booom Tournament on July 2nd in Dayton, OH.  He had not had a very good round, and I expected a not very cordial  meeting.  Wow, was I surprised!  Gregg was not only cordial, he was welcoming, smiley, and very pleasant.  I asked him if we could set up a time for an interview.  He said, “how about right now?”  He was an instant friend!

He told me, he was from Grass Valley, CA.  I said, “Where is that?”  “North of Sacramento in the foothills”, he replied. I then asked him how he got started in disc golf and he told me, “I found a disc, a green cyclone”.  That’s how it all began.   

He has had a full career, to date, has associated himself with a lot of different supporters, has made a lot of friends, collected many, many followers, and generally has done every well.  About a year ago, he associated himself with Innova as one of their Champions.  This is how Innova views him. “Gregg Barsby is one of Disc Golf’s most beloved characters.  Hailing from Grass Valley, California, Gregg is know for his wit, charisma, and engaging demeanor on and off the course.”

This has been a tough year for him, with arm problems but thankfully he is now on his way back.  He is optimistic and is about to bring forth a new website.  Watch for it.

I really like Gregg.  He is bright, optimistic, and an all around very pleasant guy.  By the way, you need to see his impersonation of  Ken Climo!