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Today is the fifth round of the 2016 PDGA AMATEUR & JUNIOR WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS.  Four rounds have been played.  The accumulated scores for each player have been tallied.  Some of those scores are very good.  Some are very bad.  Most are somewhere in between.  Whatever those tallied scores are, however, today’s scores determine if they play tomorrow or are sent home with their tails between their legs.  So, as of this minute, everything hinges on today!   History and statistics tell us some are ready, But, many are not.  That is too bad.  It is sad.  But, it the way tournaments work.

Now, I would like to tell you something else about multiple round tournaments and will illustrate it with one player I watched play yesterday.  I arrived in Madison. Wi yesterday just before 2 p.m., just in time to watch Izak McDonald play his fourth round at Hiestand Park.  Izak is the highest rated player in this tournament and thus came into it favored to win.  But, Izak has not played well the first three rounds.  He is one of the top putters (if not the top).  Yet he has not shown his talent.   He was  eleventh going into round 3.  Things did not look good for him.  His group started on hole 4.  He missed a 10 foot putt and had to settle for a par on what should have been a birdie hole.  Oh, no, was this telling us his chances of winning were all over?  Remember the saying, “it’s not over till its over.”    The next nine holes, Izak birdied every one.  Then he had a double bogey follow by 2 pars, three more birdies, and 2 final pars. Izak McDonald went from eleventh place to being tied for second, three strokes behind the leader,  with that show he put on.   Indeed, it’s not over till its over.

We talked to Izak after the round was completed and asked him, what he had to say about his very successful round.  “Anything is possible”, was his reply.  Yes, to everyone of the players I would say the same thing today.  Anything is possible!