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Yesterday, Saturday,  July 16, 2016. Izak McDonald  ended a long journey that has been under way for many years.  He had one great goal: to become the BEST AMATEUR PLAYER IN THE WORLD!  It was unbelievably hard.  He worked and he practiced and he struggled.  Today, after many years of very difficult work,  he has finished the climb to the top of the mountain!  He became the PDGA 2016 Amateur champion of the WORLD!  A person cannot achieve a higher amateur VICTORY THAN THAT.  SO, immediately after the victory in Madison, WI, yesterday, I asked Izak, “Izak, now what?  You have achieved the highest and best victory you can in the amateur  disc golf. Do you know what your next goal will be? “. He answered, ” I am going to Emporia, KS, next month to play in the 2016 PDGA PROFESSIONAL DISC GOLF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS.”  “But you are an amateur”, I said,  “This will be my first PRO Tournament!,” Izak said.  And there it is!  BOOOM!!  Today a new PRO is born, a fifteen year old Dynamo from Lockport, Illinois, named Izak McDonald.   Now, it is a new battle, a new goal:  to become the best disc golf player in the world, period!  Izak does not think it will be easy but he does believe “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!”  That belief of Izak’s has gotten him this far.  He firmly believes it will take him on, in time, after much sweat and struggle, to becoming the Champion of the World!  Do I believe he will make it?  I believe ANYTHING IS POSIBLE!!!