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It is 3:15 on Saturday, July 16, 2016 in Madison, WI.  The four greatest disc golf players in the land have come together to determine who is the BEST, of the best.  The sun is shining, bright.  It is in the eighties.  A  pesky, gusty wind is blowing.  A gallery of some 500 (?) people have come to Token Creek Park to watch a contest between Isaac Robinson of Georgia, Izak McDonald of Illinios, Gaven Rathbun also of Illinois, and a late addition, Brendan Tetloff of Michigan.

Hole 1 brings 4 pars.  Hole 2 continues with 4 pars.  Izak birdies hole 3 and is now tie with Isaac for the lead.  Hole 4 brings birdies from Izak, Gaven, and Brendan, and a par from Isaac.  Izak is now in the lead!  Izak, Isaac, and Gaven par hole 5 and Brendan bogeys it.  Hole 6 produces 4 pars.  Izak bogeys hole 7 and the other three par it. Izak and Isaac are tied again.  Hole 8 brings 3 pars and a birdie by Gaven.

Isaac tees off with a long drive down the center that hits a tree and leaves a long putt.  Izak throws a long drive that lands about 60 feet to the left of the basket.  Isaac misses his putt.  Izak steps up and slams the disc firmly into the basket and in an instant ITS  OVER!  A new WORLD CHAMPION IS BORN!!  Right there in front of GOD and EVERYBODY!  A THUNDEROUS SHOUT GOES UP.  IZAK SKIPS TOWARD THE BASKET, ALMOST COLLASPSES .   He has done it.   Suddenly, all his amateur goals are realized. At fifteen he has accomplished what men have spent their entire lives trying to accomplish.  What a great day!  I have a feeling this is just the first of many great, GREAT days in IZAK MCDONALDS LIFE.  But, we will see! Be watching, and you will see!