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Saturday morning at 8 am at Elver Long Disc Golf Course in Madison Wi.  The top players of the Tournament, pool A, are trying to discover those who are the “top dogs” of the strongest pool, in order for them to fight it out in the afternoon for the Championship.  Card 1 is made up of the top 4 players in the advanced group.  They are Isaac Robinson playing out of Georgia,   Izak McDonald out of Illinois.  These two are both 15 years old! The third person on the card is Gaven Rathbun also from Illinois, much older, I think, 18.  Rounding out the card is Chris Hawks from North Carolina, who they all call the Old Man.  On the second card is a young man (approximately the age of Gaven)rom Saginaw, Michigan, named Brenden Tetloff.  He will become important, also, as you will soon see.

Isaac Robinson is an amazing young man.  He is mature, pleasant, and very stable. It’s hard to believe he is just fifteen years old.  Isaac plays with Prodigy.   He started the round tied with Izak.  He will end up the round in first place, one stroke ahead of Izak McDonald.

 Izak is also a fantastic young man. He came to this tournament as the highest rated amateur at 995.  At this point he supports Innova.  He has been around, as a top player for a long time, which means for several years (8 years already!).  How has a man/boy, so young, been around so long?  He has been a little agitated all morning and is a little off his game, but personally I think this will change.  Izak is just too savy to get swallowed up by mistakes.   Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised in the Finals coming up to see him explode with the fantastic power that he carries in his inner self. 

Gaven Rathbun has just won the 2016 PDGA UNITED STATES AMATEUR DISC GOLF CHAMPIONSHIP in June and it has just crossed his mind that he is the only one who can win both these two tournaments this year.  This seems to energize him.   

Lastly, there is Chris Hawks, who has a rating of 965, and who has a good but sparse record, which has been trending up in 2016, with 4 wins in B and C tournaments, and a 6th  place finish in an A tournament.

When the SEMIFINALS is over, three of the players remain in competition.  One, Christ Hawks, is released and one player from the 2nd card is invited up.  He is a young man from Saginaw, MI. named Brenden Tetloff.  One of these four will be your 2016 AMATEUR WORLD CHAMPION!