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From Rochester, NY, Jim is one of the earliest players in the history of the PDGA. His number is “23”, to prove it. He is a member of the Disc Golf Hall of Fame and also of the Guts, Hall of Fame. He is a true celebrity in our “Frisbee” family.


Jim is still playing Disc Golf! And, he is here at this tournament! It is only you, “yourself”, that will keep you from seeing him! He is playing in the SENIOR LEGEND DIVISION. The PDGA, in describing his career says,

“Jim Palmeri’s pivotal work in the early 1970’s helped launch disc golf as a competitive

sport. His personal sacrifice made possible many marvelous events, including the 1974

American Flying Disc Open and the 1984 PDGA World Championships. Jim’s knowledge

of the flying disc is positively encyclopedic.”


Check out for “The Evolution of Disc Golf with Frisbee Historian Jim Palmeri” for an interesting glimpse into Mr. Palmeri’s life.


One of the things I find most interesting about him is that the PDGA shows a picture of Jim standing outside “FLYING DISC & CHESS SHOP”, showing that Disc Golf has a very rich and interesting history, indeed.


If you can find no other reason to come to this tournament, “Jim Palmeri” will certainly provide that reason. This is history that you may never find at your doorstep again!