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Pete May is a Senior Legend in Disc Golf. That means he is 75 years old or older (Actually he is at least 76). He has been a part of the PDGA since 1998.   But, please don’t let his age fool you. He usually wears a 10 gallon hat, smiles like a leprecon and runs around like a thirty year old! He is a fantastic man!


His rating is 917. In his career he has won 15 tournaments, including the Senior Legend Division of the 2017 PDGA PROFESSIONAL DISC GOLF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS. He is a visionary who controls the NCDGC (NATIONAL COLLEGE DISC GOLF CHAMPIONSHIPS) which runs a national college disc golf tournament each April at the HIPPODROME IN NORTH AUGUSTA, SC, just 12 miles from Augusta, GA, home of, the MASTERS GOLF TOURNAMENT. In addition, he runs several other businesses, including “barrel racing”. He is an amazing man, who I respect very highly and count as a dear friend.


I first met Pete May in North Augusta, South Carolina. I had been trying to catch up with him for several months, without success, but all of a sudden there he was, ten feet from me. You see, Pete is the controlling interest in the NCDGC and in the Hippodrome, the largest footprint for disc golf in the world. It contains 6 disc golf courses and is the home for the championship. I went up to him and introduced myself and asked him if he would be willing to grant me a short interview. He smiled and said, “Of course. Let’s go out here and talk”. I was about to enter the most interesting and important interview of my life.


I said to Pete, “you are a very hard man to get a hold of”. He said, “I don’t answer the telephone and I don’t read emails. The only way to reach me is to send me a text on my special text line. If what you say is interesting, I will return the text. He then started telling me about the importance of time, and then about his boss. “Who, I thought, “is his boss?” He never mentioned his name and I never asked, but he did tell me, “My boss is a billionaire, who will give me anything I ask for without question because he trusts me. If I wanted to fly to China today, he would give me the money and ask no questions, because he trusts me.“


He then told me, “God had given me the gift of energy”. He said, “ I am 76,” he said,

“But I have the energy of a 30 year old! Now I am not perfect. In fact, I am

feisty but God uses me. You don’t have to be perfect, but you do, have to

Learn to use your time and follow the direction God gives you. And, I do that!”.


Meet this man if you have the opportunity and learn from him.  I guarantee, you will be a better person for it!