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Elmer Cox

Saturday, September 16, 2017, the hucker Report team travelled to Marlette, MI for the GyropaIooza. This is an event put on each year by MVP for their fan community from around the country. It gives Chad and Brad, the principles of MVP, the opportunity to thank all their fans for their support.   This is where we first met the Richardson brothers. I am ashamed to say that I did not recognize either of them.     I thought they were both just players! How idiotic I felt when I discovered my mistake.   Guess what, they were both very gracious and treated me with much more respect than I deserved. Now, let me tell you something about them.

We arrived in the parking lot of Marlette Golf Course (Actually, it is a hybrid course: Golf and Disc Golf.) at 10 am. As we were departing the car, we met one of the leaders of MVP, Steve Hollaway, the Director of Marketing. He stood there and talked to us for 30 min. What a great guy. He gave us a great intro to the company, the owners, the discs, the fan base, and the future.   He made it very clear that MVP is a FAN based company. We spent the next 9 hours, mostly talking to that fan base. What a fantastic community, they are. The FANS, came from all over the country to be here, today, MI, OH, IL, TN, MARY, IA, NC, CA, OR, WI, WA and many other states as well including Canada and Mexico.

In all, there were a total of 232 playing on Saturday. (Actually over 300 registered!}. Wow! Last year they had 80. That’s an increase of almost 300 percent. What does that mean? It means MVP is growing at an astronomical rate! Chad and Brad Richardson are not just successful. They are absolutely, positively, SOMETHING ELSE or in modern dialect – SICK! And, I’m going to tell you a little about them.

First of all, Chad and Brad are genuinely interested in pushing their fans, not themselves. Maybe I shouldn’t feel so ashamed at not recognizing them. Their own faces are not what they promote. Some have said they are standoffish. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is the science behind their discs, and the people who support them that they promote! They are much more interested in their FANS than themselves. I have never met guys who are as successful as they are, that are as approachable, as kind, as humble, and as polite as they are. They won me over, immediately. I now know why they are a FANS CHOICE company! I have a lot more to say about this MVP, these brothers, and a few others associated with them.

Chad is a couple years older than Brad. He studied CAD at Michigan Technology University. He recognizes he and his brother as “nerds”. I need to do some more research to tell you much about Brad. But, the best thing I can tell you about either of them is that they are warm, friendly, and both are people’s people! An example of this is that the Gyropalooza lasted all day Saturday and Chad and Brad participated in all of it. They were happy to meet their fans and to talk to them all day long and even into the evening. They had smiles on their faces all the time. I never saw them rush anyone off, or push them aside. I was totally impressed with the way they carried themselves, and the way they treated their community.

I want to know more about MVP, about Axiom Discs and about Stream Line Discs.   I want to be able to write about the science that supports their technology. Most of all, however, I want to know more about this community that has grown up around them. I am impressed with everything I have seen.

All you other disc golf companies out there, I urge you to “up” your development. MVP is on its way to catch up with you and more! Their gyro technology is prepared to soar. This is no time for you to fall asleep. Don’t forget it’s all about the SCIENCE!