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Elmer Cox

On September 10, 2017, an extraordinary event occurred in a small town in mid-Michigan named Laingsburg, when Bell’s Beer, voted the nation’s top Brewer in June 2017*, came to town. The event was a doubles disc golf tournament and beer tasting event held at Pine Hills Disc and Golf Course. The main characters were Joe Krautkramer, representative of Bell’s Brewery, Gregg Beavers who owns and operates the Course, and 76 disc golfers who came from all over the state to taste beer and play some disc golf.

There were players from Traverse City, Grand Rapids, Bay City, Shelby Township, Burton, Flint, Lansing as well as many other locations, which pretty well covered the entirelower peninsula of the State. When asked why they came, the answer was almost always the same, “I came to taste different Bell’s Beers, and to ride in carts while I had fun playing disc golf.”

Gregg Beavers was the host, and a good host at that. He provided the course and the carts. He designed and ran the program.

Bell’s brought their award winning beers to taste: Third Coast Beer, Best Brown Ale, Double Cream Stout, Porter, Lager, Octoberfest, Oatsmobile, Kalamazoo Stout, and Roundhouse IRA. They brought gifts, and prizes, as well. To be honest, they were the stars of the show!

The players brought their enthusiasm, love of good beer, and appreciation of a good time.

It was a perfect combination!

Someone was heard to say “bringing beer and disc golf together is like joining chocolate and peanut butter.”  They just go together! It has even been suggested, “Bells likes disc golfers because both disc golfers and Bells are grass roots communities and movements that share similar backgrounds.” Having a tasting event like this allows the two movements to draw together and to rejoice in their reunion. It’s a great experience! And, it’s a grand way to bring new members to the BELL’S Community!

I think it is fairly evident that a new dimension of disc golf has arrived on the scene. Disc golf and (ball) golf is being played often on the same courses, allowing for golf carts as well as beer carts. Many are liking the idea of being able to ride in carts and to enjoy a beer while they throw. People are no longer merely controlled by the desire to compete. They want to have fun, and to enjoy themselves. And, as we have shown here, BELL’S does go great with disc golf!