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Latitude64 has six teams on its roster. Each one of the teams is special because they are a different age group and/or a different playing level. One of those groups is especially different, however. It is the Junior Cadets group. How is it different? It is different because it contains two of the same brothers on the same team! One is Cory Casalina, pdga # 63780, who is 13 years old with a rating of 897 and the other is his older brother, Cody pdga #50629, rated 917 who is 15 years old.  Wow, that is impressive! But, if we had extra time we could impress you further. There is another brother named Nicholas, #69223, who is 11 years old, with a rating of 865! The three brothers have all been trained by their father, Jeffrey, #50153, who is a Master with a rating of 970. By the way, Nicholas is not on the Latitude64 Jr team, but he is on Dynamic Discs Jr team! Just one more reason why Latitude64 and dynamic Discs are so close together!

 Cody has been playing 7 years. His favorite disc is a Latitude64 Stiletto disc. The whole family lives in Pensacola, FL. He, his brothers, and his father play in a lot of Southern Nationals tourneys because there are a lot more of them than Pdga tournaments in the area. How did they ever get started playing to begin with?

 They lived in Lancaster, OH before coming to Pensacola. Lancaster was known for its football much more than it disc golf. But, it was Disc Golf not football that was to reel them in. When they were out in the fields they kept hearing a “ca-chink” sound. When they traced the sound down, they found it was coming from discs clanging on the chains of disc golf baskets. That sound will get you every time! And, it sure did get the Casalina guys. Jeffrey went right out and bought 4 discs, one for each and the three sons became the Casalina team coached by their dad. And, the rest is history, or will be one of these days!