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Elmer Cox, Hucker Report

Drew lives in Denver, Co. He has been playing disc golf for 8 years. Like many in the Disc Golf community he is a part of a real disc golf family. His older brother Jake Palmer is a Pro player #55615, rated, 994. His father, Jason, #57384, is rated 906, Drew, 15 and #57385 is rated 914 and he has a sister, Carin #80911, who is a member of the PDGA, as well.

Jason and Drew both started disc golf as the same time in Texas, at Bear Creek Disc Golf Coarse in the Dallas area. As many do, they fell in love with the game. They then all moved to the Denver area and Drew, in the influence of the mountains, and with players like Eagle McMahon, and others around, began to flower. To date he has 10 career wins and is ready to play for the LATITUDE64 REGION 7 NEW GENERATION CHAMPIONSHIP next week. If he does well, it is on to the Finals in Phoenix, AZ, where a win means a NEW CAR and a very good start in his professional career.

Latitude 64, through Dave Feldberg, Synthya Whitaker, Ricky Wysocki, JohnE McCray et al, is doing a lot for the young these days. They deserve support!