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Hucker Report first met Andrew at the Next Generation Regional in Grand Rapids. He was a notable player by winning the tournament and is on our radar as he heads into Bowling Green Championships.
He is one of the nicest guys on the course with a smile that will light up and card. He is a smooth operator with his disc golf game. He has not been playing very long but is already accomplished and is on our notable list.

Meet: Andrew Cornwell
Hometown: Pittsboro,IN
Club: Hendricks County Disc Golf

Here is our Q and A with Andrew.

How did you get into disc golf?
My brother played disc golf on a vacation trip with some friends and took me to a local course to play 15 min away from my house. I had never seen disc or basket before that day. I went and bought my own disc after my first round and been playing since.

What is your pregame rituals?
Most important is playing practice rounds at each course before tournament to dial in your shots. Also king size reesce cups and grape gatorade are a must as well!

What is most memorable disc golf moment?
I had a great experience playing in next generation tournaments and getting chance to play at fountain hills, Arizona in next generation nationals.

Any place in bowling green you recommend do or see?
Besides all the great disc golf courses and tournaments ran in bowling green, I plan on visiting the lost river cave in BG.

What is your go to disc?
No question the Saint from latitude 64! I Carry 3 different saints at all time!

Why do you like the about BG tournament?
I like playing with other disc golfers from all crossed the world! I enjoy playing 4 round tournament with 5 days packed of disc golf events!

What is any memory you have of BG?
Going down for long weekend with brother and friends to enjoy the game of disc golf for long weekend with nothing but disc golf!!!

What professional player you like the most?
Eddie Ward #62387 from Carmel, Indiana is my favorite professional disc golfer! Young man with incredible head on his shoulders and great disc golfer on the RISE!!!

Are you a sponsored player?
yes, I would like to thank Chubb disc golf! Which is a new and fast growing disc golf company from Indiana. You can check them out online at They have easy to use online store with individual pictures of each disc along with weight.

Make a statement or predictions how you will finish.
I am very excited to play a 3 day tournament at such a awesome tournament with great courses! Thank you HB Clark, sponsers, and everyone who makes this event possible!

Thank you Andrew and best to you as you play Bowling Green this week.