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HUCKER REPORT has Sheri Jazembak as a notable player in the women’s advanced masters 40+ division. She is a professional and the highest ranked player in that division. We wanted to know more about her and her journey to BOWLING GREEN.


Sheri Jazembak
Derby NY
Friday Night League & Niagara Region Disc Golf & Western New York DGC

H: How did you get you get started in disc golf?

SJ: I was tricked into playing a round about 15 years ago by a friend of mine. I was plied with Dark Beer and Ham sammiches.

H: What are your pregame rituals?

SJ: I get really nervous before my rounds. I just try to stay focused on my game and eat something stay calm.

H: What is your most memorable disc golf moment?

SJ: I have quite a few memorable disc golf moments. I am lucky. I had a really good year one time and won the Memorial and then came in 3rd at worlds. That was fun.

H: Any place in BOWLING GREEN you recommend to do or see?

SJ: Bowling Green is brand new to me and has been on my list to wander thru for a long time

H: What is your go to disc?

SJ: I am very simple when it comes to plastic. I like Challengers, Meteors and Wraiths for the most part.

H: Why do you like about the BG tournament?

SJ: I am super excited to meet a pile of new female golfers. Girls rarely have a division to play in where I come from.

H: What professional player do you like the most?

SJ: I like Professional Disc Golfers that have fun and are positive. Cale Leviska and Paul Mcbeth are probably among my favorites. I love to watch Masters play. They are my age and they bring old school back to the game. I actually hope to run a Masters Tournament in my hometown.

H: Are you a sponsored player? Shout out to your sponsors.

SJ; I am not a sponsored player but my Friday Night League peeps make me feel pretty well loved.

H: Make a statement or prediction on how you will finish at the tournament?

SJ: My prediction for the tournament is that I will have a fabulous time, meet new friends and try desperately to make it thru all my rounds without breaking something.

We wish you the best time at BOWLING GREEN!