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Hucker Report chose Cameron as one of the notable players in the advanced division to highlight. We really like him because he is from Michigan. But you will love him because this boy can play. His love for the game is contagious.

Meet Cameron Benak
Hometown: Traverse City, MI
Club: North Woods Disc Chuckers

Q AND A With Cameron

H: How did you get you get started in disc golf?

CB: My dad, sister and I used to play our own version of disc golf using regular Frisbees (“Let’s pretend that stop sign is a Par 3!”) before I knew what disc golf was. Then in senior year of high school, a buddy asked me to play a round after school and I fell in love with it.

H. What are your pregame rituals?

CB: I stretch right when I get to the course, then start warming up and getting mentally focused. My girlfriend and I always say a quick prayer before tee off. I like catching up with friends I may not have seen in a while, too!

H: What is your most memorable disc golf moment?

CB: Shooting my first thousand-rated round! (Lady in Blue Disc Golf Course, Summer Set Center, MI) I had been close a few times that season but that round everything connected – I couldn’t miss!

H: Any place in BOWLING green you recommend to do or see?

CB: First time visiting Bowling Green

H: What is your go to disc?

CB: Go to disc: Prodigy 750 H2, Favorite disc: Prodigy 400 M2

H: Why do you like about the BG tournament?

CB: Excited to compete in a large tournament, meet some top pros, and check out the FlyMart!

H: What is any memory you have of BOWLING GREEN TOURNAMENT?

CB: Hope to make some 🙂

H: What professional player do you like the most?

CB: Will Schusterick – he’s the reason I started competitive play – watching him play made me realize that there was a higher level of disc golf.

H: Are you a sponsored player? Shout out to your sponsors.

CB: Yes! Huge thanks to Prodigy Disc and Under54DiscGolf!!

H: Make a statement or prediction on how you will finish at the tournament?

CB: Excited to gain experience at a higher level tournament going into USADGC and the Amateur World Championships. With how I competed last season, and the work I put in this off-season, I’ve never felt more confident in my game. I hope to finish in the final four!

Thank you Cameron and may you play well at Bowling Green!