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Hucker Report finds Ashleh Baumannunoack as a notable player in the Bowling Green tournament. Let’s unpack a few questions with her with Bowling Green.

Meet: Ashleh Baumann

Hometown: Kilbourne, Ohio

Club: The Twilight Zone

1. How did you get you get started in disc golf?

My brother Chad first introduced me to the game. However, it was my boyfriend and my Tuesday night Columbus Disc Golf Ladies League that introduced me to competitive disc golf.

2. What are your pregame rituals?

Aside from making sure my towel game is super strong and that I’ve packed enough snacks and drinks, I’d say the most important ritual is working on my mental game. I do this by tossing around a Zephyr with my boyfriend, Justin. He has always been a great supporter of mine and reminds me before every round to just have fun, play with confidence, and do the best that I can.

3. What is your most memorable disc golf moment?

I’d have to say playing with Paige Pierce at the 2017 USWDGC first round while being filmed by Terry Miller. Paige is such an awesome player and has the best personality. I felt honored to be on her card and watch her tear it up on the course. It was such a great experience.

4. Any place in BOWLING green you recommend to do or see?

Hobson Grove is a must play with the beautiful mansion on the property. It is definitely one of my favorite courses.

5. What is your go to disc?

My Surge or Big Z Nuke.

6. What do you like about the BG tournament?

What I like about BG is that it is one of the biggest AM only events in the world and disc golf essentially takes over the entire town. It’s one of the best experiences available to amateur players. There are so many vendors and activities to partake in the entire weekend. It’s a lot of fun.

7. What is any memory you have of BOWLING GREEN TOURNAMENT?

In the past two years of playing this tournament I can remember having to deal with all types of weather, particularly wind and rain. It took a lot of mental strength to make it through some of the rounds. I couldn’t have done it though without my good friend Maureen and our very loud pep talks in the car on the way to each course.

8. What professional player do you like the most?

Tyler Horne. For his extreme love of salt and vinegar Pringles, his humble attitude, and for teaching me the Hyzer Bomb a.k.a. the Tyler Dangle.

9. Are you a sponsored player? Shout out to your sponsors.

Thank you to B.C. Roosters Wings for not only employing me, but sponsoring me and allowing me to take time off to enjoy this game that I love so much! #WingIt

As far as disc sponsors go, I’m not sponsored as of yet, however 99.9% of my bag is Discraft. #winkwink 😉

10. Make a statement or prediction on how you will finish at the tournament?

It is my goal to make it to the final nine for the third year in a row, but more importantly I would love to finish this tournament knowing that I gave it my all and played to the best of my ability.

Thank you Ashleh and we hope you make it to the final 9 at Bowling Green!